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We are distributors of L’Orange diesel injection equipment. The worlds leading engine producers trust in performance and reliability of L’Orange products and are a premium producer for Caterpillar, MaK, Deutz KHD, Deutz MWM, MAN B&W, Hanshin, Mitsubishi, MTU, Rolls Royce Bergen Diesel, Ruston, S.E.M.T Pielstick, Wärtsilä, Wärtsilä SWD, Wärtsilä Wichmann, PU Chemie, Daihatsu, SKL, Yanmar etc.

We will be delighted to receive your enquiries and promise you a fast service. Please feel free to call us or send an E-mail to info@amb-diesel.com

Prices and availablity upon request.

Part number Description
D471-45×2.5 Retaining Ring
D472-10×1 165 069 Circlip-Ring
D472-14×1 Retaining Ring
D5401-5 165 088 Ball
D6912-M6x20-10.9 Cylinder screws
D7-4H7X8LON Dowel pin
D7-5H7x8LON Cylinder pin
D7603-A10x13.5×1 Joint Washer
D7603-A12x16 Sealring
D7603-A12x18 Gasket
D7603-A14x18 Joint Washer
D7603-A16x20 Sealring
D7603-A16x22 Inlet Gasket
D7603-A20x24 Gasket copper
D7603-A20x24-ST E.R.washer
D7603-A20x26 Sealring
D7603-A22x27 Joint Washer
D7603-A22x29x1,50 Joint Washer
D7603-A24x29 Sealring
D7603-A26x31 Joint Washer
D7603-A28x33 Joint Washer
D7603-A30x36 Joint Washer
D7603-A30x36-ST Sealring
D7603-A36x42x2 Washer
D7603-A8x11,5ST Gasket
D7603-A8X12-ST Sealring
D7-6H7x16LON Dowel Pin
D7-6H8x14 Dowel pin
D7993-B28 165 073 Spring-Ring
D7993-B35 Spring Ring
D912-M10x30-12-9 Bolts
D912-M10x40-12-9 Screw
D912-M10x70-12.9 Screw
D912-M12x60-12.9 Screw
D912-M12x65-12.9 Screw
D912-M12x70-10.9 Screw
D912-M12x70-12.9 Screw
D912-M14x70-10.9 Screw
D915-M8x16 Stud
FOF-103 O-Ring replaces FOF-21×2,5B
FOF-107 O-Ring
FOF-121 O-Ring
FOF-141 O-Ring
FOF-157 O-Ring
FOF-172 O-Ring
FOF-186 O-Ring
FOF-19 O-Ring
FOF-215 O-Ring
FOF-231 O-Ring
FOF-241 O-Ring
FOF-249 O-Ring
FOF-255 O-Ring
FOF-26 O-Ring
FOF-267 O-Ring
FOF-288 O-Ring
FOF-448 O-Ring
FOF-449 O-Ring
FOF-489 O-Ring
FOF-505 O-Ring
FOF-56 O-Ring
FON-99 O-Ring
FOS-20 165 064 O-Ring
FOS-22 165 066 O-Ring
FOS-27 O-Ring
FOS-37 O-Ring
FPT-1 Alignment
FSB-S10 Locking Shim
FSB-S6 Locking shim
FWD-27 Shaft Washer
FWD-43 Seal
FWD-8 Oil-seal
HBO-3418390604 Pump Element
LT-ADL/E Nozzle
LT-LVM/E Nozzle
LTO-BKZ/E Nozzle
LTO-BMW/E Nozzle uncooled
LTO-BNZ/E Nozzle
LU-UFV/E Nozzle
PDP-T033 Locking Screw
PDP-T040 Spring Plate
PDP-T042 Lower Spring Plate
PDP-T043B Tappet Barrel
PDP-T045A Joint
PDP-T047 Joint
PDP-T077 Regulating Sleeve
PDP-T098 Delivery Valve Spring
PDP-U050C Delivery Valve
PDP-U828 Pump Element
PEM-U014A Connecting piece
PEM-U816 Pumpelement
PEO-T036 Spring plate
PEO-T069 Prallschraube
PEO-T072 Adj. Screw
PEO-T090 Screw
PEO-T125 Plunger spring
PEO-T141 Rack
PEO-T141A Rack
PEO-T152 Delivery valve spring
PEO-T298 Lower Spring Plate
PEO-T321 Tappet
PEO-T590A Shock Screw
PEO-T648 Del. valve spring
PEO-U018E Tappet assy.
PEO-U056A Connection piece assy
PEO-U075 Connection piece assy
PEO-U144A Pointer plate set
PEO-U161 Repair kit
PEO-U194 Repair-kit for PEO-G024 Pump
PEO-U353 Gasket-Kit
PEO-U8005B Pumpelement
PEO-U8010 Pump element
PEO-U8022B Pump Element
PEO-U8029V3 Pumpelement
PEO-U860A Pump Element
PEO-U895 Pump element now PEO-U8024
PEO-U8024 Pump element
PYB-U814 Pumpelement – suitable for           2 418 390 027
PYD-U807 Pump element
PYO-G062FY Fuel pump
PYO-T121A Stößelfeder
PYO-T212A Delivery valve spring
PYO-T295 Shock Screw
PYO-T306 Plunger-spring
PYO-T359 Delivery valve-spring
PYO-T372E Wear/Compensating-Plate
PYO-T372F Wear/Compensating-Plate
PYO-T372G Wear/Compensating-Plate
PYO-T372H Wear/Compensating-Plate
PYO-T378 Plunger spring
PYO-T380 Regulating Sleeve
PYO-T403A Tappet barrel
PYO-T405 Spring
PYO-T423 165 061 Plungerspring
PYO-T428 Valvespring
PYO-T442 Connecting-pcs.
PYO-T452C Control Rack
PYO-T484 Connecting-pcs.
PYO-T606 Valve spring
PYO-T746 Bushing
PYO-U106B Tappet Assy
PYO-U106C 165 078 Tappet-Barrel
PYO-U235 Spare parts set
PYO-U245 Spare parts set
PYO-U859CY Pump element
PYO-U868C Pump Element
PYO-U868D Pumpelement
PYO-U868G Pumpelement
PYO-U872 Pump Element
PYO-U876A1 Pump element
VTN-T027A Adapter
VTO-T184 Nozzle-Spring
VTO-T186 Spindle
VTO-T220 Nozzle nut
VTO-U062 Injector body complete
VUM-U934A/E 11.22107.1482 Nozzle B&W-MAN
VUO-T046 Washer
VUO-T047 Washer
VUO-T074 Feder
VUO-T195 Spring spindle
VUO-T279 Nozzle spring
VUO-T292 Nozzle Spring
VUO-T292A Nozzlespring
VUO-T295 Pressure-bolt
VUO-T398 Spring guide
VUO-T400 Locking Screw
VUO-T405 Nozzle Spring
VUO-T757 Spring Spindle
VUO-T849V Spring spindle
VUO-U039 Entlüftungsschraube
VUO-U051C/E Nozzle Cap
VUO-U191 Housing
VUO-U374 O-Ring Set for Injector VUO-G059 Vaasa 32
VUO-U492 O-ring Set
VUO-U9019C/E L’O-Nozzle
VUO-U9105C/E L’O-Nozzle
VUO-U9115P/E Nozzle
VUO-U9116A/E L`O-Nozzle
VUO-U9130D/EV Nozzle
VUO-U9288C/EV Nozzle
VUO-U932C Nozzle
VVM-U904Y Nozzle
VVO-T082 Spring