Diesel-injection equipment

Are you looking for complete injection pumps or common rail injection equipment?

Please feel free to call us! We supply not only new parts but also reconditioned parts from our exchange program and of course with warranty. In particular a wide range of Lucas pumps DPA, DPC, DPS, DP201 and DP301  pumps are supplied quickly either new or re-conditioned at reasonable prices within 1-2 days.

Diesel injection spare parts for example nozzles, pump elements, delivery valves, feed pumps, nozzle holders complete with nozzles, repair kits and service parts for injection pumps and common rail spares are available upon request.

We supply from a wide range of producers: Bosch, Bosio, Bryce, ¬†Caterpillar, Cav-Delphi, Cummins, L’ Orange, MAN, Nippon-Denso, Omap, Sigma, Stanadyne, Yanmar, Zexel etc

We supply not only complete pumpsbut also pump elements and delivery valves for nearly all Mercedes Benz vehicles, for example 300 SE, 230 SL, 250 SE, 280 SL, 600, 220 SE, 300 SE, 300 SL, 300 SC, 300 D

Porsche 911 S/ 2.0L and 911 E / 2,0L

Aston Martin DBS V8, 5,41- V8